About me

I studied Art at the Bath School of Art and Design and my first job was in a small silk-screen printing company, where I was in-house Designer for many years.

I have always loved painting and have exhibited frequently at The Rostra Gallery in Bath and The Washington in Penarth, along with several gallery's in Cornwall.


 I have enjoyed working with children, running Art workshops in schools and the local community. I have worked with the local education department and developed workshops focusing on emotional health and well-being in children.

More recently I was the Art Technician at Kingswood School in Bath, and worked at the local pottery, Crockadoodledo.

Presently I am working on my own project, writing and illustrating a children's picture book.


My favourite things (besides picture books) are dogs and cats and funny animals, and on most days I can be found working in my studio in Bath, walking the dog or taxying the children.

(References/dates for any of the above upon request.)

© Maddi Pearn